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WebTransfer : About WebTransfer

WebTransfer is a service which allows large files to be exchanged between users in the internet and the intranet.

The service behaves differently according to
  • whether it is called from within or outside the organisation, and
  • whether the email address of the sender is an authorized or other external address.
According to the status of the sender, the system uses a transfer matrix to make one of the following choices.
  • Permission for a direct upload
    The file can be uploaded immediately
  • Sending a Ticket to upload
    The sender will receive an email which contains a link. Clicking on this link will allow the data to be uploaded.
  • Asking for a confirmation
    The person named as the addressee (receiver) will be asked for a confirmation, which gives the sender the right to make the transfer. After the confirmation, the sender will receive an email which contains a Ticket to make the transfer.
After an upload has succeeded, the sender will receive a notification of this, and the addressee will receive a link from where the data can be downloaded.

For security reasons, all data including times will be logged. The data will be analysed to detect any misuse. Misuse will be punished and the logged data can be used as evidence.

WebTransfer uses various third-party software components: Information and Licenses